Facilite is an Enterprise SaaS offering from Synapptra portfolio to help manage multi-facility operations and maintenance

  • Single view of all the operations and management of multi-site facilities portfolio
  • Management of assets purchases and service details
  • Schedule alerts for repairs and replacements
  • Generate customized reports with Data visualization and insights across facilities and assets.
  • Visibility to improve efficiency, detect anomalies and optimize

Synergy is an enterprise SaaS offering from Synapptra portfolio to analyse, drive autonomous controls, create reports and manage digital twins of spaces and assets within facilities

  • Overview Facility maps, Lighting and HVAC system under single console
  • Manage any type of HVAC Systems such as centralized HVAC systems based on AHU, CSU, Cassette ACs, Split ACs, VAV based systems etc.
  • Set Policies to define autonomous operating range for HVAC Systems
  • Drive energy efficiency up to 20% on HVAC power consumption
  • Generate management reports and dive deep in to the data
  • Enforce your Facility management strategies and see the results in real-time

Enviro is an enterprise SaaS offering from Synapptra portfolio to help manage and enhance user comfort and experience by managing the environment parameters

  • Overview and management of Indoor Air Quality parameters like PM2.5, CO2 & VOC across facilities
  • Manage Air Temperature and Humidity
  • Manage mixture of Fresh Air and Recirculated Air to enhance human comfort