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Synapptra Node

Synapptra is the next-generation Integrated Energy Efficiency and Management Platform encompassing Commercial Lighting & Energy Management, Meter Data Management, Renewable Energy Management, Municipal Lighting Management, Smart City Applications and Analytics in one comprehensive platform.

Synapptra turns energy demand and consumption into a digital application on the network. This enables energy to be easily and cost-effectively provisioned, controlled and monitored remotely.​

Synapptra Platform

 Upto 65% Energy saving in Lighting

Upto 25% Energy saving in Cooling

Contributes significantly to earning LEED Points for Green Building Certification

Significant reduction in Carbon Foot-Print

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Benefits for Lighting and Energy Management 

Synnaptra Sensor Node

Synapptra’s platform integrates use cases for

  • The Commercial Building Lighting and Energy Management Market 

  • The Data Center Lighting and Energy Management Market

  • The Advanced Metering Infrastructure Meter Data Management Market

  • The Renewables Energy Management and Net Metering Market

  • The Energy Analytics and Data Market

Enabling the Energy Efficient Enterprise

  • Reducing non-productive power usage
  • High density IoT sensor network collects data and provides fine grain control
  • Sensor data enables control of lighting levels to exact space / time / personnel needs
  • Fully centralized management and reporting
  • Low cost installation and setup
  • Easy to re-provision
  • Flexible Control – by fixture, group, room, floor, building, time of day, occupancy, day light harvesting
  • Advanced Occupancy Sensing – sensors enable automatic lighting control, one click day light harvesting, space utilization and security alerts

Synapptra building blocks include a commercial IOT and IIOT solution, analytics for reporting, centralized monitoring and control of end nodes, security to ensure data privacy and access control, and applications for end use cases.

Synapptra Node is a multi-sensor network device equipped to sense and control all parameters required in Lighting and Energy Management
• Occupancy sensing and Control
• Ambient Light Measurements and Control
• Humidity and Temperature Sensing

For Commercial Lighting & Energy Management, ​​Synapptra offers two variants of Control Nodes 

  • AC-DC : Suitable for upgrades, retrofits and new build using AC powered lighting infra. Communication is over advanced wireless mesh. Commissions in minutes.
  • DC-DC : Suitable for new builds using centralized DC powered lighting infra. Communication is over advanced Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) setup using wired topology.